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    • New Release of "China 2000 and 2010 Province Census Data with GIS Maps"
    • Date: 2013-07-23
    • The University of Michigan China Data Center is pleased to release "China 2000 and 2010 Province Population Census Data with GIS Maps" , which includes about 736 comparable variables from 2000 and 2010 population Census data for all provinces of Mainland China.

      The GIS map layers include: (1) 2000 and 2010 province map with population Census data variables from short form tables (1:100 million); (2) Highway; (3) National Road; (4) Provincial Trunk Road; (5) Railways; (6) Rivers; and (7) Coast lines.
      This CD based data product provided rich information of general population, fertility, nationalities, marriage, age, education, occupation, housing, migration, and etc. 
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