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  • Research Report of Chinese Edible Vegetable Oil Industry
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    Executive Summary Currently, Chinese annual output of edible vegetable oil is retained between 9 to 10 million tons, which is ranking the second in the world. Even so, however, such a huge domestic supply can not meet the market demand of China. Thus, Chinese edible vegetable oil relies highly on import. Since 1996, under the pressure of severe competition and technology improvement, The Per Capita Gross Productive Value of vegetable oil industry has been steadily promoted, and had reached 67,000 yuan per person in 1999. In year 1998, the income from main operations of the industry in general was positive in number, but negative in both operating income and net profit. In the meanwhile, due to the serious smuggling and illegal import in 1998, the profit of due year dropped. Consequently, the government took action in term of policies in concerned aspects in 1998, the industrial profit of vegetable oil soon improved thereafter. But in 2000, smuggling rose again, and in other terms. Chinese government is managing the import of vegetable oil in the term of quota system. Most of the quotas are assigned on palm oil, soybean oil, rapeseed oil and peanut oil. Although the import volume of vegetable oil is continuously decreased, the domestic oil price is still in downturn. China will enter WTO, which will bring about great impact on the import of edible oil as well as oil manufacturing industry.
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