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  • Research Report on Home Decoration Materials Market of China
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    Abstract The building decoration materials industry has seen a rapid development in China along with the advancement of urban and rural constructions after the adoption of the policy of reform and opening-up to the outside world. The output of constructional sanitary ceramics has been taking the lead for many years and the export of ornamental stones is also holding the balance in China's international trade. The state of the art, corporate management, products quality and grades have all been promoted drastically. China has become a major producer of building decoration materials in its own right. Guided by scientific approach to industry study, this survey systematically analyzes the current situations, market scales, supplies and demands, competitions, imports and exports, future market forecasts and development trends of China's building decoration materials industry as a whole and its five sub-industries: constructional sanitary ceramics, constructional paint, ornamental stones, plastic doors and windows and wooden floors and at the same time studies the current distribution channels, promotion and consumption in the industry, which will be a great help to enterprises in this line in expanding distribution channels and tapping new markets.
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    Contents 1. China's Building Decoration Materials Market 1.1. Building Decoration Materials Industry 1.2. Overview of The Industry 1.2.1. Definition and Categorization 1.2.2. Existing Problems 1.3. Building Decoration Materials Market 1.3.1. Current Market Overlook 1.3.2. Building Materials' Distribution Marketplaces 1.4. Competition 1.5. Future Market Development 1.5.1. Development of Related Industries 1.5.2. Market Prospects 1.5.3. Development Trends 1.6. Analysis of Publicly Traded Building Decoration Materials Companies 1.6.1. A Sketch of Listed Companies 1.6.2. Analysis of Profitability 1.6.3. Analysis of Growth Potential 1.6.4. Analysis of Operation Capacity 1.6.5. Liquidity Analysis 1.7. Opportunities For The Development of China's Building Decoration Materials Industry From The Development Campaign of West China 1.7.1. Development of Real Estate Industry 1.7.2. Development of Urban Infrastructure 1.7.3. Building or Rebuilding of 20 Airports in The West 1.8. Opportunities And Challenges Faced by China's Decorative Building Material Industry After the Entry into WTO 1.8.1. Gap Between the Level of China's Decorative Building Material Industry and the Internationally Advanced Level 1.8.2. Impacts On China's Building Decoration Materials Industry by the Entry into WTO 2. China's Constructional And Sanitary Ceramics (CONSTRUCTIONAL & SANITARY CERAMICS) Market 2.1. An Industry Survey 2.1.1. Definition and Categorization 2.1.2. Development History of The Industry 2.1.3. Scale of Constructional & sanitary ceramics Industry in China 2.1.4. Enterprises in This Industry 2.1.5. Economic Performance of the Industry 2.1.6. Major Origins 2.1.7. Product Mix 2.1.8. Foreign Companies' Pervasion into The Chinese Market 2.2. Market Status Quo 2.2.1. Market Scale And Demand Distribution Across The Industry 2.2.2. Current Situation and Features of the Market 2.2.3. Market Competition 2.2.4. Selected Introduction to Major Brand Names 2.2.5. Distribution Models 2.3. Imports and Exports 2.3.1. Imports and Exports of Constructional Ceramics 2.3.2. Sanitary Ceramics 2.3.3. Customs Duty and Its Future Development Prediction 2.4. Prediction on Future Development Trends 2.4.1. Market Prospects 2.4.2. Tendency of Market Development 2.4.3. Tendency of Technique and Equipment Development 2.4.4. Tendency of Products Development 2.4.5. Industry Development Vision 2.5. Industrial Polices and Regulations 2.5.1. A General Introduction 2.5.2. Industrial and Technical Policies about Constructional and Sanitary Ceramics 2.5.3. Policies on Limiting and Eliminating The Backward Techniques and Processes That Severely Pollute The Environment 3. China's Constructional Paint Market 3.1. Industry Overview 3.1.1. Development History of Paint Industry in China 3.1.2. The Development History of The Constructional Paint Industry 3.1.3. Categorization of Constructional Paint 3.1.4. Output and Its Growth in Recent Years 3.1.5. Geographic Distribution of Output Volume 3.1.6. Number of Enterprise Quantity and Its Distribution 3.1.7. State of The Art 3.1.8. Product Mix 3.1.9. Existing Problems 3.2. Market Status 3.2.1. Market Size, and Supply and Demand 3.2.2. Current situation of consumption 3.2.3. Market Competition 3.2.4. Major brands 3.2.5. Distribution Channels 3.3. Imports and Exports 3.3.1. Statistics of paint imports and exports 3.3.2. Situation of tariffs and estimation of its changes 3.4. Development of the market in the future 3.4.1. Market Prospect 3.4.2. Analysis of Marketing Demand Potential 3.4.3. Development Trend of Technology and Equipment 3.5. Industry Planning. 4. Decorative Stone Market in China 4.1. Overview of the industry 4.1.1. Classification of products 4.1.2. Development history of the industry 4.1.3. Industry scale 4.1.4. Development in recent 5 years 4.1.5. The geographic distribution of production 4.1.6. Stone material enterprises and their geographical distributions 4.1.7. Industrial structure 4.1.8. Problems 4.2. China's stone market 4.2.1. Market scale 4.2.2. Stone utilization 4.2.3. Market competition of stones 4.2.4. Sales modes 4.3. Chinese Stone export and import 4.3.1. An overview 4.3.2. Stone Material import 4.3.3. Exports of China's Stone 4.3.4. A prediction of tariffs and their changes 4.4. The prospect of China's future stone market 4.4.1. Prospects of products 4.4.2. Technological Development 4.4.3. Market Outlook 4.5. Industrial Standards 4.5.1. Domestic Standards 4.5.2. Foreign Standards 5. Chinese Plastic Doors and Windows Market 5.1. Industry Overview 5.1.1. Development History 5.1.2. Industrial scale 5.1.3. Output Volume 5.1.4. PVC doors and windows enterprises 5.1.5. PVC raw material supply 5.1.6. Existing problems 5.2. The market 5.2.1. Scope of the market 5.2.2. The supply and demand 5.2.3. Chinese plastic doors and windows market 5.2.4. Market structure 5.2.5. The consumption Status quo 5.2.6. Plastic doors and windows promotion in different places 5.2.7. Market competition 5.2.8. An analysis of the price tendency 5.2.9. Some major PVC doors and windows producers 5.2.10. Sales Modes 5.3. Plastic doors and windows export 5.4. Prospect of the future market 5.5.I ndustrial policies and regulations 5.5.1. Industrial development programming 5.5.2. Technological policies of PVC doors and windows industry 5.6. Suggestions on the development strategies of the industry 6. Chinese Wood Floor Market 6.1. Overview of the China's wood floor industry 6.1.1. A brief introduction of the history of the Chinese wood floor industry 6.1.2. Products classification 6.1.3. Industry Scale 6.1.4. Output 6.1.5. The introduction of production lines 6.1.6. Number and geographic distribution of enterprises 6.1.7. The supply of raw materials 6.1.8. Existing problems 6.2. Market Status 6.2.1. Market scale 6.2.2. Consumption 6.2.3. Market competition 6.2.4. Major brands and prices of solid wood floorings 6.2.5. Sales modes 6.3. Import and export of Chinese wood floorings 6.3.1. The export of solid wood 6.3.2. Imports and exports of parquet wood floorings 6.3.3. Import tariff of wood products in China 6.4. Future market development 6.4.1. Predictions of demand 6.4.2. Analysis on market potential demand 6.4.3. Development tendency of the wood flooring industry 6.5. Industrial policies and regulations 6.5.1. Industrial standards 6.5.2. Policies of the wood flooring industry Appendixes 1 Appendix 2 List of Sanitary Pottery & Porcelain Manufacturers with Annual Production above 500,000 Pieces Appendix 3 Table Table 1 1999-2000 Development of China's Home Decoration Industry Table 2 Numbers of Listed Companies in All Sub-Industries of Building Materials and Their Percentages to The Industry Total Table 3 Schedule of Essentials of Listed Building decoration materials Companies Table 4 Profitability Indices of Listed Building Decoration Materials Companies in 2000 Table 5 Growth Potential Indices of Listed Building Decoration Materials Companies in 2000 Table 6 Operation Capacity Indices of Listed Building Decoration Materials Companies in 2000 Table 7 Liquidity Indices of Listed Building decoration materials Companies in 2000 Table 8 Features and Products of Sanitary Utilities Made From Various Kinds of Materials Table 9 Proportions of All Ownership Among Constructional & sanitary ceramics Enterprises (in 1999) Table 10 Constructional & sanitary ceramics Producing Capacities of Foshan, Tangshan and Boshan Table 11 Distribution Models Employed by Constructional & sanitary ceramics Enterprises Table 12 Major Exporters of Ceramic Tiles Table 13 Major Importers of Ceramic Tiles Table 14 2000-2010 Predicted National Demands for Constructional and Sanitary Ceramics Table 15 Geographic Distribution of China's Constructional Paint Output in 2000 Table 16 Industry and Ownership Composition of China's Paint Enterprises Table 17 Statistics of Patents on Paint in China Table 18 The situation of paint consumption around the world Table 19 Top 6 Enterprises in China Paint Market in 1999 Table 20 Typical sales pattern of domestic constructional paints manufacturers Table 21 Typical sales pattern of foreign constructional paints joint ventures and sole proprietors Table 22 Growth of Paint Demand in The World Table 23 Building planning of urban residence in China Table 24 Types of Stones according to Their Usage and Percentage in Use Table 25 Color Catena of Three Major Decoration Stone Materials Table 26 China's Development in Stone Material Industry during the Last 100 Years Table 27 Scales of Chinese Stone Material Industry Table 28 Stone Application in Construction Decoratio Table 29 Statistics of the Quantity, Sum and Average Unit Price of China's Stone Imports between 1995 and 2000 Table 30 The Value of Chinese Stone Import and Export in 2000 Table 31 Major Destinations of Chin's Stone Exports in 2000 Table 32 Import Tariffs of Current Chinese Natural Stones. Table 33 Order of Some Stone Consumers Table 34 World Stone Production between 1925 and 1999 Table 35 World Stone Trade Value during 1973 to 1999 Table 36 World Stone Demand Prediction during 2000 to 2025 Table 37 Goal of China's Stone Industry Development in 2010 Table 38 Growth of China's Plastic Doors and Windows Industry between 1994 and 2000 Table 39 PVC Shaped Material Output between 1997 and Predictions for 2000 Table 40 Some 20-thousand-ton Output Manufacturers of Special Shape Materials Table 41 Types of PVC Doors & Windows Manufacturers and Their Technological Features Table 42 Supply and Demand of Shaped Materials for Plastic Doors & Windows in China in 2000 Table 43 Doors and Windows Demands and Their Market Shares in China in 2000 Table 44 Sales Modes of Plastic Doors and Windows Producers Table 45 China's PVC Profiles Export in 2000 Table 46 Number and Output Value of China's Wood Floor Enterprises Table 47 Output of Different Chinese Wood Floorings Table 48 Average Prices of Various Wood Floorings Table 49 Prices of Major Solid Wood Floorings Table 50 Typical Sales Modes of Chinese Wood Floorings Table 51 Chinese Solid Wood Imports and Exports in 2000 Table 52 Chinese Parquet Wood Flooring Imports and Exports in 2000 Figure Figure 1 Output Value and Its Growth Rate of China's Building Decoration Industry Figure 2 Classification of Building Decoration Enterprises in China Figure 3 Classification of Chinese Building Decoration Employees in 2000 Figure 4 1998-2000 Output Value And Its Growth of China's Home Decoration Industry Figure 5 1997-2000 output value and sales revenues of China's constructional & sanitary ceramics Figure 6 1994-2000 Outputs and Annual Growth Rates of China's Ceramic Tiles Figure 7 1994-2000 Outputs and Annual Growth Rates of China's Sanitary Ceramics Figure 8 Category Proportions of Constructional & sanitary ceramics Enterprises to the Industry Total Figure 9 1997-2000 Total Profit of China's Constructional & sanitary ceramics Enterprises with Annual Output Value Over RMB 5 Million Each Figure 10 1995-1999 Apparent Demand and Its Growth Rates of Constructional Ceramic Tiles in China Figure 11 1995-2000 Apparent Demand for Sanitary Ceramics and Its Growth Rates in China Figure 12 Distribution of The Demand for Sanitary Ceramics in China Figure 13 1991-2000 China's Imports and Exports of Constructional and Sanitary Ceramics Figure 14 1991-2000 China's Imports and Exports of Sanitary Ceramics Figure 15 1999 Regional Distribution of Global Paint Output Figure 16 Field Distribution of Global Paint Application in1999 Figure 17 1997-2000 Output Volume of Constructional Paint in China Figure 18 Proportions of Regional Paint Output Volume to The National Total in China in 2000 Figure 19 1998-2000 Supplies and Apparent Demands for Paint in China Figure 20 1998-2000 Demand Value for Paint in China Figure 21 The application percentage of constructional and industrial paint in major countries Figure 22 The market shares of classified paint brands in China Figure 23 China's paint import and export value and surplus(deficit) of trade from 1996 to 1999 Figure 24 China's paint import and export volume (1996-1999) Figure 25 China's Stone Material Production from 1996 to 2000 Figure 26 Geographic Distribution of China's Granite Production in 2000 Figure 27 Geographical Distribution of China's Marble Production in 2000 Figure 28 China's Stone Import from 1996 to 2000 Figure 29 China's Stone Exports from 1996 to 2000 Figure 30 The Market Share Growth of Chinese Plastic Doors & Windows Figure 31 The Price Changes of PVC Resins between 1992 and 1999 Figure 32 Predictions of Chinese Plastic Doors & Windows Market Shares between 2000 and 2010 Figure 33 Chinese Domestic Wood Supply from 1998 to 2000
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