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  • Research Report on Healthcare Product Industry & Market of China
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    Content 1. Healthcare Product Industry At the Present 1.1. Classification and Definition 1.2. Stages of Growth of World Healthcare Product Industry 1.3. Healthcare Product Industry in China 1.4. Scales and Distributions 1.5. Products 1.5.1. Use, distribution and features 1.5.2. Characteristics 1.6. Newly-Emerging Products 1.6.1. Nucleic Acid 1.6.2. Lecithin 1.6.3. Melatonin 2. Current Situation of Chinese Market 2.1. Market Scale 2.2. Speed and Potential of Market Growth and Their Causes 2.3. Market Segmentation 2.4. Market Share and Brand Concentration 2.5. Marketing Strategy 2.6. Consumer Behaviors 2.6.1. Regional Varieties 2.6.2. Consumer Demand 2.6.3. Consumer composition 2.6.4. Characteristics of Consumption in Different Cities 3. Key Firm Analysis 3.1. Shenzhen Taitai Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. 3.1.1. Corporation Profiles 3.1.2. Products and Sales Volume in Last Three Years 3.1.3. Sales Channels 3.1.4. Financial Status 3.1.5. . R & D 3.1.6. Summary 3.2. Onlly Co., Ltd. 3.2.1. Corporation Profile 3.2.2. Prncipal Businesses 3.2.3. The market system and sales outlets of the company 3.2.4. Analysis on financial status 3.2.5. Operation and Management Strategy 3.2.6. The blue print of the company 3.3. Red Heart King Group 3.3.1. Marketing strategy 3.3.2. Adjusting Strategy 4. Advertisement of Health Care Products 4.1. Current situation and problems existing in advertisement of health care products 4.2. Solutions 4.3. The development situation of health-care products in the major countries of the world 4.4. The impact of China's entry into the WTO on the industry of health-care products 5. The existing problems facing China's health-care product industry and the relevant countermeasures 5.1. The major problems in the development of China's health-care product industry 5.2. Resolution strategies 6. The threat from the outside of the health-care industry 6.1. The threat resulted from the transfer of consumption demand and the change of population structure 6.2. The threat from the potential entrants 6.3. The threat from commodity circulation enterprises 6.4. The threat from social organs and interest groups 6.5. The threat from substitutes 7. New trend in the industry of health-care products 7.1. The health-care product market will be further expanded 7.2. The total price of health-care products will be reduced. 7.3. Sale promotion focus will transfer from the popularizing of functions and effects to that of health-care knowledge and famous brands. 7.4. Sales channels will become more efficient and smooth. 7.5. New resources, high technology, convenience-oriented health-care products will hold the mainstream. 7.6. The functions of health-care products will diversify, while each health-care product will focalize. 8. Strategic suggestions for different enterprises 8.1. Strategy for enterprises aimed at leading in the industry 8.1.1. The strategy of establishing 'a large market share, an extensive sales network, and a famous brand (or multiple brands)' 8.1.2. Trans-division operations aimed at first business opportunities 8.1.3. Improving the ability of managing multiple brands 8.1.4. Necessary market strategy in the rural areas 8.2. Strategy for enterprises aimed at a certain market share 8.2.1. Self-positioning and establishing an competitive edge 8.2.2. Consolidating advantages Table Table 1 Differences between Healthcare products, Foods and Drugs Table 2 Stages of Healthcare Product Industry in China Table 3 Market Top Ten from Junuary to March in 2001 Table 4 Consumer Compositions in Shanghai Table 5 Purchase and Comsumption in Cities of Group I and II Table 6 Comsumption of Families with Different Annal incomes Table 7 Comsumption of Consumers with Different Ages in Cities of GroupIand II Table 8 Taitai's Products and Sales in Last Three Years Table 9 Financial Index of Taitai Pharmacy Ltd, 1998-2000 Unit: Yuan Table 10 Recent R&D of Taitai Pharmecy Ltd. Table 11 The structure of the core business of Jiaoda Onlly in 1998-2000 Table 12 The major financial indicators of Jiaoda Onlly in 1998-2000 Table 13 Jiaoda Onlly Profits Prospects in 2001 Table 14 Ways Perceived by Cities of the First and Second Level Figure Figure 1 Life Cycle of Healthcare Product Industry in China Figure 2 Amounts of Business and Annual Output at Stages Figure 3 Distribution of Investment Scales Figure 4 Market share proportions of products home and abroad in china Figure 5 Function Distribution in China Figure 6 Raw Material Distribution in Beijing Figure 7 Accessible People in Beijing Figure 8 Accessible People in Guangdong Figure 9 Market Share Top Ten in 2000 Figure 10: Distribution of places of production for the imported health-care food in the Shanghai market.
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