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  • Research Report on Mobile Phone Market of China
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    Abstract Today, there are more than 100 million mobile phone users in China; the average annual growth rate (GR) during the past five years is about 190%. According to the correlative market forecast, there is expected to be 280 million mobile phone users in China by 2005, whereas the population of the Internet users will probably be as many as 62 million to 80 million by 2002. By 2010, there will be more than 500 million mobile phone users, and 22.5 million Internet users. Thanks to the average growth rate of 250% during the past 4 years, the number of Internet users in China now reaches 22.5 million, and 245,000 websites of various kinds are providing services. Some market forecast predicts that there will be 36.3 million WAP mobile phone users in China by 2001, whereas that number is 830,000 by the end of 2000. According to forecast by IDC, by 2003, the number of WAP mobile phones will rise from 99 million of 2000 to over 1 billion. And by 2004, there will be 1.3 billion mobile phones that have WAP connections, twice of the wired Internet connections of the time. It is predicted by IDC that there will be 721 million wired Internet connections by 2004. According to some market investigation, consumers in China still know little about WAP. Half of the investigated have only a wait-and-see attitude toward WAP, and only 10% of all the mobile phone consumers have WAP mobile phones. 1/3 of the investigated hope they can get the access to WAP service in a year, and 20% of the investigated say that they will be pleased if the WAP goes into their life in 6 months. It is notable that only 13% of all the investigated are WAP users, and another 20% don't care at all when they can use a WAP mobile phone. The fee charged on a WAP mobile phone is the focus of the consumers concern. Meantime, they also have questions on the content of the WAP service, the band broad and speed of the wireless network, the processing ability and the price of the mobile phone, as well as the coverage of the network. The investigation shows more than 80% of mobile phone users believe that the charge rate on WAP will finally affect consumers' decision making. In Oct. 2000, China Mobile announced its charge rate on GSM WAP service. Other than the fee charged, the following are also key factors that will affect consumers' decision: the small screen size and low processing speed of the mobile phone, the immaturity of the network infrastructure, and the unsatisfying content provided. But on the other hand, the active propulsion by the service providers, the efforts of terminal producers, and the cooperation by all sides are the positive factors for the development of WAP market. It is predictable that in the near future, human beings can get the needed information from the web through any type of terminals at anytime. The real mobile Internet era is not far away. WAP mobile phone market research As mobile communication and the Internet develop at unprecedented speed, grabbing information at any time and any place is no longer an imagination. WAP is a protocol, a standard for communication between a mobile phone and the server built in the mobile phone network. While this protocol provides a standard for connecting the Internet and mobile phone system, it links two fastest developing industries too. Therefore, it has an inestimable perspective for future development. But one estimable aspect is that the wireless Internet industry will grow at stunning speed.
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    Content 1. WAP mobile phone and wireless linkage 1.1. WAP mobile phone 1.2. The advantage of WAP 1.3. Mobile Internet 2. An analysis to the macro-environment for China's wireless Internet 2.1. Market Size of China's Mobile Communication Business 2.2. The growth of mobile phone users in China 2.3. The growing population of the Internet users 3. Analysis to the China's WAP mobile phone market 3.1. Consumer Behavior Analysis on WAP users 3.1.1. WAP users' perception on WAP 3.1.2. The factors that affect consumers decision when buying WAP mobile phone 3.1.3. Consumers' expectation on the price of a WAP mobile phone and the fee charged on it 3.1.4. The service that consumers wish to get from a WAP 3.2. An analysis to the factors that affect the consumption of WAP mobile phone 3.2.1. The charging problems of WAP mobile phone 3.2.2. The charge rate for WAP operation 3.2.3. The limitations of the mobile phone 3.2.4. The infrastructure of WAP 3.2.5. WAP Content 3.2.6. The production of WAP mobile phones still cannot come into scale 4. Driving force of the market 4.1. The Promotion of business running environment 4.2. Mobile business runners attach great importance to WAP 4.3. The users' demands 4.4. The support of the content providers 4.5. The actions of famous international terminal producers 5. The Preparation of China's Mobile Phone Producers 5.1. WAP Mobile Phone Is The Trend 5.2. WAP Mobile Phone Technology Is Not a Mystery 5.2.1. The functions of WAP software are not mysterious 5.2.2. WAP mobile phone doesn't sell well 5.3. China's Mobile Phone Producers 5.3.1. Zhongxing Communication Co. 5.3.2. Shenzhen Konka 5.3.3. TCL 5.3.4. Xoceco 5.3.5. Dingtian Tech. 6. The Perspective of China's WAP Mobile Phone Market 6.1. The Application of WAP 6.2. The Development of the Market needs the cooperation of Three sides 6.3. The Perspective of WAP Mobile Phone Market 7. Conclusion Tables Table 1Layers of WAP Table 2 The Internet users' demands for on line service Figures Figure 1 The development of China's mobile communication (billion Yuan) Figure 2.The growth of mobile phone users in China Figure 3 The growing population of the Internet users Figure 4 Mobile phone consumers' perception on WAP and their choice Figure 5 The factors that affect consumers' decision to buy a WAP and the consumers' concern on getting in the Internet through mobile phone Figure 6 How the Internet users have their fees paid Figure 7 Consumers' expectation on the price of a WAP mobile phone Figure 8 The expected fee charged on a WAP mobile phone Figure 9 The service that consumers wish to get from a WAP
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