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  • Status and Forecast on Development of China's Polypropylene Resin Market
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    Abstract Polypropylene (PP) resin is one of thermoplastic resins that are developing the fastest, presently, its output has surpassed PE (polyethylene) and PVC (polyvinyl chloride). In our world, PP is mainly used for producing injection moldings, for which most are turnover boxes for goods. Since it has a low density and good mechanical performance, it is used for accessories for automobiles in great amount. In addition, PP also has a large proportion in fiber and film. In 1999, the PP consumption in the world is up to 26.50 million tons. China is the third largest consumer of PP In China, the largest consuming field for PP is woven bags, baling bags and ropes, etc. which accounts for 50~60% of the total PP use. Another important consuming field for PP in China is film, which accounts for 13%, for which, most are BOPP. China has been being imported PP in great amount, the domestic devices can't meet demand from market. In 1999, the domestic apparent consumption was 4.111 million ton, and the output was 2.647 million tons, the self-supplying rate increased from 57.7% in 1998 to 64.4% in 1999, which is mainly relative with new devices put into operation in 1999. Among 70 PP producers in China, 23 are under China Petrochemical Group Co., 19 are under China Petroleum & Natural Gas Group Co.. For the 3million ton PP production capacity of China, 66.7% are due to China Petrochemical Group Co., 26.7% due to China Petroleum & Natural Gas Group Co.. For the 2.65million ton PP output of China, 73.2% are due to China Petrochemical Group Co., that due to China Petroleum & Natural Gas Group Co. are 23.0%. During 2000-2005, several sets of PP devices will be put into operation. It is estimated that in 2005, China's PP production capacity will be up to 4million tons/year, the demand will be 6.20-6.50 million tons. In 2010, the demand will be 8.30-8.40million tons. It is estimated that in 2005: the proportion of woven products in PP consumption will decrease, and the legging material market will saturate. While the shortage of supply from demand for special material will increase, and the co-polymerizing plastic will become the product with largest shortage in stead of legging material; BOPP film and CPP film will develop rapidly due to rapid development of packaging industry, and the shortage of supply from demand for that will increase further; the material for fiber will have a new developing opportunity. Due to development in material for civil engineering and the demand on it will increase rapidly, the shortage of supply from demand will enlarge.
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    Contents 1. General 2. Scale of and Forecast on Chinese Market 3. Market Segments and Analysis 4. Status of Supply in the Market 5. Analysis on Supply-Demand Balance 6. Analysis on Price 7. Analysis on Status of Enterprises in the PP Industry 8. Plans for Building New Devices and Expansion 9. Analysis on China's PP Industrial Competition 10. The Industry's Managing Structure 11. Developing Opportunity for and Suggestion on Developing China's PE Market Tables Table 1 The world's PP production capacity in the end of 1999 Table 2 Forecast on world's PP supply and demand Table 3 Scale of and forecast on China's PP market Table 4 China's PP consumption structure Table 5 Status of PP production in China in 1999 Table 6 PP import and export in China Table 7 Import trading way for PP in China Table 8 Sources of China's imported PP Table 9 Main PP importing areas of China Table 10 Main brands of China's imported PP Table 11 Status of supply-demand balance in China Table 12 Average historical PP price in China Table 13 Average PP price in 1999 for China Table 14 PP manufactures of China Table 15 Some PP brands of Petrochemical Company Table 16 Some PP brands of Yangzi Petrochemical Co. Table 17 BOPP manufactures of China Table 18 The main PP capacities newly increased in China Figures Figure 1 Capacity of China's PP market (10 thousand tons) Figure 2 China's PP consumption structure (10 thousand tons) Figure 3 Import trading way for PP in China (%) Figure 4 Source of China's imported PP (10 thousand ton) Figure 5 Main PP importing areas of China in 1999 Figure 6 PP supply and demand in China during last 10 years Figure 7 Forecast on PP consumption structure in 2005
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