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  • Status and Forecast on Development of China's Polyethylene Resin Market
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    Abstract The polyethylene resin mainly includes Low-density PE(LDPE), linear low-density PE (LLDPE), high-density PE (HDPE) and middle-density PE (MDPE). In 1998, the international demand on LDPE was 28.804 million tons, for which, the Asia accounted for 6.8%, the West Europe accounted for 33.3%. It is forecasted that by 2008, the Asian demand on LDPE will increase rapidly, and Asia will become the largest consumption market in the world, and its demand will account for 38.5% of the total consumption of the world, and that of the West Europe will decrease to 18.7%. It has a very wide application for polyethylene in China, and film is its largest application field, which consumes 70-80% LDPE, and 17% HDPE. Injection molding is the largest application field for HDPE, and this tendency is continuing. It is forecasted that by 2005, China's demand on polyethylene will increase at a speed of 5.3% continuously. Among which, the increasing speed for LDPE will be slightly higher than that for HDPE due to the high increasing speed of LLDPE, and reach to 6.8%. At that time, China's demand on PE will be up to 7.65million tons, among which, 4.889 million tons for LDPE, and 2.761 million tons for HDPE. By the end of 1999, China has owned18 sets of LDPE production apparatuses, with a production capacity of 1.739 million tons; 8 sets of HDPE production apparatuses, with a production capacity of 0.831 million tons. The domestic resin has fewer varieties, and most of them are general-purpose products, which account for 82% of the total output in 1998. For LLDPE, the output of general-purpose film accounts for more than 90% of the total one. The production of C8 and metallocene products is blank in China. The output of HDPE product for lugging material accounts for more than 60% of the total output, while it has few products with high added values and with high domestic demand, such as material for high strength film and hollow material, etc. It has a large developing space for China's PE market, and the down-stream plastic processing industry develops rapidly, especially for some products with high added values, the increasing speed for demand on them is even up to be more than 10%, such as material for wrapping film. However, presently, the PE products in China can't meet demand from the down-stream processing industry, most products with high added value are imported. In 1999, the import of PE in China is up to 2.599million tons. If foreign investors can take advantage of China's broad market space and human resource, cut down labor cost, and build some PE apparatuses with high technology, they will achieve good profits.
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    Contents 1. General 2. Status of Production and Consumption of PE Resin in the World 2.1 Overview of World's PE Resin Supply-Demand BalanceSSS 2.2 The World's LDPE Production and Consumption 2.2.1 Status and Developing Tendency for Production 2.2.2 Consumption Status 2.3 The World's HDPE Production and Consumption 2.3.1 Status and Developing Tendency for Production 2.3.2 Consumption Status 3. Scale of and Forecast on China's PE Market 4. Division of and Analysis on China's PE Market 4.1 Status and Developing Tendency for Divisions of LDPE Market 4.1.1 Packaging Film 4.1.2 Agricultural Film 4.1.3 Wire and Cable 4.2 Status and Developing Tendency of the Divisions of HDPE Market 4.2.1 Injection Molding 4.2.2 Hollow Products 4.2.3 Packaging Film 5. The Supplying Status on China's PE Market 5.1 Status of Domestic Production 5.1.1 Status of Domestic Production 5.1.2 Apparatuses Newly Built and Planned to Be Built 5.2 Import Status of PE in China 5.2.1 Main Sources for Imported Products 5.2.2 Main Trading Ways for Imported Products 5.2.3 Main Importing Ports for Imported Products 6. Analysis on Supply-Demand Balance 6.1 Status of Supply-Demand Balance 6.2 Forecast on Status of Supply-Demand Balance 7. Analysis on Price 8. Analysis on Status of Enterprises in the PE Industry 8.1 PE Production Enterprises 8.2 PE Processing Enterprises 8.3 PE Import/Export Enterprises 9. The Industry's Management System 10. Analysis on Competitiveness of China's PE Industry 10.1 Non-reasonable Product Structure 10.2 The Production Scale is too low 10.3 High Consumption of Energy and Material 10.4 Too High Cost 11. Developing Opportunity for and Suggestion on Developing China's PE Market Tables Table 1 Supply-demand situation for world's PE during 1993-2008 Table 2 Trade situation for world's PE during 1996-1998 Table 3 Production capacity and forecast on world's LDPE during 1993-2008 Table 4 The top ten LDPE manufacturers in the world Table 5 Expansion plans for LDPE in the world during 1999-2002 Table 6 Demand and forecast on demand on LDPE in the world Table 7 The world's LDPE demand structure Table 8 The top ten HDPE manufacturers in the world in 1998 Table 9 Production capacity and forecast on world's HDPE during 1993-2008 Table 10 Expansion plans for HDPE in the world during 1999-2002 Table 11 Demand and forecast on demand on HDPE in the world Table 12 The world's HDPE demand structure Table 13 Status of and forecast on China's demand on PE Unit: kiloton Table 14 Status of and forecast on China' LDPE/LLDPE consumption structure Table 15 China's HDPE consumption structure Unit: kiloton Table 16 Supply and demand situation of China's PE in 1999 Table 17 LDPE apparatuses planned to be put into operation during 1999-2005 Table 18 Import of PE in China during 1990-1998 Table 19 Main trading ways for China's PE during 1998-1999 Table 20 Main importing ports for China's imported PE in 1999 Table 21 Supply-demand status of China's PE Table 22 Forecast on supply and demand of China's PE in 2005 Table 23 Prices of RE on China's market during 1994-1999 Table 24 Major PE brands of Qilu Petrochemical Co. at present Table 25 Major PE brands of Fushun Petrochemical Co. at present Table 26 Major PE brands of Jilin Petrochemical Co. at present Table 27 Major PE brands of Dushanzi Ethylene at present Table 28 Major PE brands of Panjin Ethylene at present Table 29 Major PE brands of Zhongyuan Ethylene at present Table 30 Major PE brands of Tianjin Ethylene at present Table 31 Major PE brands of Yangzi Petrochemical Co. at present Table 32 Major PE brands of Liaoyang Chemical Fiber Co. at present Figures Figure 1 China's Ldpe/Lldpe Consumption Structure In 1999 Figure 2 China's HDPE consumption structure in 1999 Figure 3 China's PE import during 1990-1998 (kiloton) Figure 4 Major sources of China's imported PEs in 1999 Figure 5 Main trading ways for China's PE during 1998-1999 Figure 6 Main importing ports for China's imported PE in 1999 Figure 7 Prices of PE on China's market during 1995-1999 Figure 8 Comparision between domestic and foreign monomer consumption Figure 9 Comparsion between domesitic and foreign PE burn-up
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