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  • Research Report on Liquid Crystal Display Industry & Market of China
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    Executive Summary Along with the human being entering the telecommunication era, plane-displaying technology had been applied broadly in people's daily lives. Gradually, Liquid Crystal Display(LCD) technology has become the main role in the plane displaying domain. In the recent years, LCD industry has been in the ascendant. Thank to the ripeness of Internet technology as well as the development in the industries such as individual mobile information terminals, GPS & visible telephone and computer game, LCD family are now moving towards the rapid development that had long been expected. In China, the high-speed evolution of economy and the continuos improvement of information technology have made a huge LCD market possible, and LCD's initial applications have been introduced to industry, communication, finance and some commercial sectors. Today, LCD industry has been a significant project where great attention has been drew by Chinese government, production circle as well as science and technology sections. This report, with the basis of "Report of Chinese LCD Industry" Year 2000 Version, has done a great deal of data updating based on the veracious and reliable data resources, and has made full and accurate discussion and analysis on Chinese LCD market status. Data is updated till June 20th, 2001. It is expected that the report will provide its readers with the beneficial references that conduce to grasping the essences of the latest market status and mastering the future development trends. Methodology Desk research along with investigation and interviewing are the main methodologies this report employed. Favorable and abundant consultation and help were achieved through the qualitative interviews with the authorities, specialists and industrials from National Bureau of Statistics, National Information Industry Ministry and China Liquid Crystal Display Industry Association. In the meanwhile, impersonal analysis is done based on a mass of internal and external data of this industry that collected from various information sources. Main Information Sources The industrial statistics data of the National Bureau of Statistics China association of photo electricity industry, Liquid Crystal Display Branch The Information Industry Ministry of People's Republic of China Stanford Resources of the United States Stanford Resources of the United State The Display Search of American Industrial Markets Research Co. IDC of the United States Sharp and Fujitsu Comprehensive Research Institution of Japan Techno Systems Research of Japan Yujiang Consulting International photo electricity Industrial Information China Information World China electronic Paper Computer World www.tftlcd.com.cn (Chinese LCD information net) Background Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) technology was successfully developed by an American Company - RCA in 1968, and hereafter, Japanese companies Sharp, Seiko and Casio commercialized such a technology. After 30 years growth, today, LCD industry has entered a stage of high-speed development. In the world extent, East Asia has become the main production area of LCD, with a tripartite confrontation conformation of Japan, South Korea and Chinese Taiwan. Japanese players are superior in technology and quality, Koreans are superior in scale and production volume, while Taiwanese are superior in production costs and prices. Their mutual competition makes the world LCD market active and thriving. In term of products, TFT-LCD has been broadly applied in various plane display fields for its outstanding performance. Consequently, TFT-LCD has turned into the main development direction and has drawn majority of the world's investment to LCD. In China, alone with the rapid economic development, Chinese government, production and technology circles have paid tremendous attention to LCD industry. Besides maintaining the share in the world's low-end products (such as TN) market, China has energetically developed its TFT-LCD products. It is no doubt that China will make big progress in the LCD world.
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    Content 1. The Development Status Of Lcd 1.1. Definition Of Lcd 1.2. The Evolvement Of Lcd Industry 2. The Status Of The World Lcd Industry 2.1. Major Production Regions 2.1.1. Japan 2.1.2. Korea 2.1.3. Taiwan 2.2. Comprehensive Analysis 3. The General Situation Of Chinese Lcd Industry 3.1. The Current Situation Of Chinese Lcd Industry 3.1.1. History Review 3.1.2. Basic Materials 3.1.3. Technology 3.1.4. Investment 3.1.5. Output And Sales 3.2. The Infrastructure Of Chinese Lcd Industry 3.2.1. Product Structure 3.2.2. Enterprises' Structure 3.3. The Ownership Structure Of Chinese Lcd Enterprises 3.4. The Areas Distribution Of Chinese Lcd Enterprises 3.5. The Concentration Of Chinese Lcd Industry 3.6. The Running Conditions Of Chinese Lcd Enterprises 3.7. The Raw Materials Of Chinese Lcd Industry 3.8. The Import And Export Status Of Lcd Industry 4. The Market Situation Of Lcd Industry 4.1. The Forecast On Market Size 4.2. Market Prices 4.2.1. Current Status 4.2.2. The Analysis On The Depreciation 4.2.3. The Analysis On Price Trend 4.3. Competition Status 4.3.1. Main Competitors 4.3.2. The Targeted Market Of Competitors 4.3.3. The Analysis On The Main Competitors' Products 4.4. The Development Trend Of Lcd: Tft-Lcd 4.4.1. The Development Of The World Market 4.4.2. The Market Size And Development Trend 4.4.3. Investment In Tft Circle 4.4.4. Market Supply And Demand 4.4.5. The Development Trend Of Application 4.4.6. Competition Status 5. The Development Tendency Of Chinese Lcd Industry 5.1. The Analysis On The Characteristics Of Chinese Lcd Industry 5.2. The Development Direction Of Chinese Lcd Industry 5.3. Newly Built And Expanded Lcd Project 6. The Profiles Of The Key Chinese Lcd Production Enterprises 6.1. Wuxi Sharp Electronic Components Co., Ltd. 6.2. Jilin Caijing Digital Hi-Tech Panels Limited 6.2.1. Basic Information 6.2.2. The Investment Structure 6.2.3. The Production Situation Of Lcd Product 6.2.4. The Situation Of Technical Cooperation Partner 6.3. Putian Vikey Electronics Co., Ltd. 6.3.1. Basic Information 6.3.2. The Investment Structure 6.3.3. The Production Situation Of Lcd Product 6.3.4. The Situation Of Technical Cooperation Partner 6.4. Xin Wei Electronic Industrial Co. Ltd. 6.4.1. Basic Information 6.4.2. The Investment Structure 6.4.3. The Main Types And Specifications Of Lcd Products 6.5. Shanwei Truly Semiconductors Co., Ltd. 6.5.1. Basic Information 6.5.2. The Investment Structure 6.5.3. The Production Situation Of Lcd Product 6.5.4. The Situation Of Technical Cooperation Partner 6.6. Shan Tou Display Co, Ltd. 6.6.1. Basic Information 6.6.2. The Investment Structure 6.6.3. The Main Types And Specification Of Lcd Products 6.6.4. The Situation Of Technical Cooperation Partner 6.7. Kanghui (Huizhou) Semiconductors Co., Ltd. 6.7.1. Basic Information 6.7.2. The Investment Structure 6.7.3. The Production Situation Of Lcd Product 6.7.4. The Situation Of Technical Cooperation Partner 6.8. Goldentek Manufactory Corporation 6.8.1. Basic Information 6.8.2. The Investment Structure 6.8.3. The Production Situation Of Lcd Product 6.8.4. The Situation Of Technical Cooperation Partner 6.9. Shenzhen Leybold Vactech Co., Ltd. 6.9.1. Basic Information 6.9.2. The Investment Structure 6.9.3. The Production Situation Of Lcd Product 6.10. Shenzhen Jinghua Displays Co., Ltd. 6.10.1. Basic Information 6.10.2. The Investment Structure 6.10.3. The Production Situation Of Lcd Product (1999) 6.11. Shenzhen Shenhui Technology Co., Ltd. 6.11.1. Basic Information 6.11.2. The Investment Structure 6.11.3. The Production Situation Of Lcd Product 6.12. Shenzhen Siieda Display Technology Engineering Co.,Ltd. 6.12.1. Basic Information 6.12.2. The Investment Structure 6.12.3. The Production Situation Of Lcd Product 6.12.4. The Situation Of Technical Cooperation Partner 6.13. Shenzhen Southern Float Glass Co., Ltd Conductive Glass Factory 6.13.1. Basic Information 6.13.2. The Investment Structure 6.13.3. Output Of Electric Glasses Products From 1993 To 1998 6.14. Shenihen Tian Ma Microelectronis Co.,Ltd. 6.14.1. Basic Information 6.14.2. The Investment Structure 6.14.3. Output From 1990 To 1997 6.15. Vikay Science & Technology Development 6.15.1. Basic Information 6.15.2. The Investment Structure 6.15.3. The Production Situation Of Lcd Product 6.15.4. The Situation Of Technical Cooperation Partner 6.16. Shen Zhen Gangda Electronic Plant 6.16.1. Basic Information 6.16.2. The Investment Structure 6.16.3. The Production Situation Of Lcd Product 6.17. Qingdao Etoz Shanghui Miao Electronic Ltd. Corporation 6.17.1. Basic Information 6.17.2. The Investment Structure 6.17.3. The Production Situation Of Lcd Product Appendix 1 The Relative Concept Of Lcd Appendix 2 The Relative Regulations Policies And Regulation Appendix 3 The List Of Chinese Lcd Enterprises Table Table 1 The recent years' investment on LCD by the Korean Groups Table 2 The Production and Sales situation of Chinese LCD industry Table 3 The Production and Sales Volume of Chinese LCD Industry in the recent Years Table 4 The Types Break Down of World LCD Demand Table 5 The Break-down of LCD Market 1997-2005 Table 6 The Prices Changes of LCD of Some Brands Table 7 2000-2001 TFT-LCD Prices Table 8 The World Sales Revenue and Development Trend of LCD Table 9 The TFT-LCD production status of Taiwan's Producers Figure Figure 1 Japanese LCD Development Condition Figure 2 Chinese LCD Production Situation 1991-2000 Figure 3 The Chinese LCD Sales Revenue 1991-2000 Figure 4 The Proportion of Chinese TN, STN and TFT Products Figure 5 The Proportion of China LCD Industry Enterprises Types Figure 6 The Ownership of Chinese LCD Enterprises Figure 7 The Areas Distribution of Chinese LCD Enterprises Figure 8 The Areas Distribution of Chinese LCD Enterprises Figure 9 Export Volume of Chinese LCD Industry from 1991 to 2000 Figure 10 The World's Price Trend of 15' LCD Figure 11 The World TFT-LCD Output Revenue and Equipment Investment Trend
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