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  • Title China in Maps, 1890-1960: A Selective and Annotated Cartobibliography
    Author Jack F. Williams
    Organization Michigan State University
    Format PDF
    Date 2012-01-01
    Language English
    Source Asian Studies Center, Michigan State University
    Description This is a very special book with a collection of China maps from 1890 to 1960. This study and cartobibliography of modern mapping in China was originally written as a master’s degree thesis, titled, ”China In Maps, 1890-1960 : A Selective and Annotated Cartobiliography,” in the Department of Geography at the University of Washington, Seattle. In the intervening years, numerous individuals and organizations have requested copies of the study, which could be supplied only in expensive dry copy form. Continued requests for copies prompted me to approach the Asian Studies Center at Michigan State University to publish the study under its East Asia Series of Occasional Papers. The Center Kindly agreed to the proposal, and I wish to express my gratitude to them for making this study finally available in an inexpensive soft-cover volume. Some changes have been made in the original format and content of the study. The textual material has been edited and rewritten in places to bring it up to date, particularly the discussion of China’s own efforts in modern mapping activities since 1949. The map annotations and index maps have been rearranged in a format that should make it easier for the reader to quickly find any map entry. No new map entries have been added, however, because of the impossibility of rechecking the map collections of the various libraries and organizations investigated in the original study. Besides, to the best of my knowledge, there have been no major changes since 1960 in the status of map coverage of China available in this country. It is important for the reader to keep in mind, however, that this study does not deal with maps if China published in books and periodicals. The best source for such maps is the American Geographical Society’s Index to Maps in Books and Periodicals (Map Department, AGS, 1968, published by G.D.Halls & Co.).
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