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    George Alter   Director, ICPSR and Professor of History   altergc@umich.edu  
    Barbara Anderson   Research Scientist and Professor of Sociology   barba@umich.edu  
    Toni Antonucci   Elizabeth M. Douvan Collegiate Professor of Psychology and Associate Vice President for Research   tca@umich.edu  
    Jing Cai   Assistant Professor   caijing@umich.edu  
    Mary Gallagher   Associate Professor, Department of Associate Professor, Political Science Director, Center for Chinese Studies   metg@umich.edu  
    Kenneth Lieberthal   Professor of Political Science   kliebert@umich.edu  
    Karl Longstreth   Director, UM Map Library   karleric@umich.edu  
    John Price-Wilkin   Head   jpwilkin@umich.edu  
    Duanmu San   Professor, Department of Linguistics   duanmu@umich.edu  
    Yu Xie   Otis Dudley Duncan Distinguished University Professor of Sociology, Statistics, and Public Policy   yuxie@umich.edu  
    Ming Xu   Assistant Professor, School of Natural Resources and Environment   mingxu@umich.edu  
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