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  • PROJECT TITLE Understanding China in Geography
    Shuming Bao
    China Data Center
    University of Michigan
    Suite 3630, 1080 S. University Ave
    Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1106
    Description Collaborated with scholars from various fields, this project will develop a multi-dimension framework in space and time to help students a better understanding in the characteristics of environment, natural resources, population, economic development and other aspects of China.
    period 9, 2002-
    Participants Chang, Stella
    Hong, Soo-Jung
    Huang, Weikai
    Ip, Hei
    Man Ami
    Lam, Chun Ho
    Liu, Chang
    Ma, Yue
    Mabee, Zach
    Ouyang, Kunlun
    Yuan, Alex
    Sponsors The Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program, University of Michigan
    File Proposal_ChinaGeography
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